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Intuition is our greatest natural resource. Unfortunately, many people do not rely on it. Intuition is an inner knowing of what to do in the present moment. It is an innate ability which we are born with. It is a skill that must be developed by using it.


We all hear intuition differently. Impulses, hunches, gut feelings, or subtle insights are some of the ways our intuition comes to us. It can be in the form of a feeling – a yes feeling or a no feeling, a thought that brings a knowing, or it can come in a dream. It comes in an instant, is always direct, and does not cause harm. It provides assistance and guidance. It serves our survival, creativity and inspiration. 



Hearing, trusting, and acting on your intuition is a discipline. It requires your commitment, and that you practice it every day. 


Intuition is something outside the rational mind and this can be uncomfortable for us to follow because we are conditioned to think rationally. Your intuition will quite often challenge you. The more you practice following your intuition the more you will realize it does work. Your life will begin to change in ways you never expected. Synchronicities will occur and doors will open which were previously closed. You will begin to trust in your life and relinquish control. You will learn to live with uncertainty and go with the flow.


By using your intuition you will develop your self-esteem. You will no longer seek outside approval. You will become self-empowered.


Richard Branson, entrepreneur and founder of Virgin Airlines and Virgin Records says, “I rely far more on gut instinct than researching huge amounts of statistics.”




Written by: Della Wilbers - Certified Life Coach


Della is the only life coach in Kentucky trained and certified by Dr. Martha Beck, best-selling author of "Finding Your Own North Star" and monthly columnist for O: Oprah’s Magazine.




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